Due to the nature of this tour last-minute changes to the itinerary are a possibility and are left up to the discretion of the tour guide and driver. This immense region comprised all of today's Canada except that which was encompassed within the early signors of Canadian Confederation, that is, British Columbia, early forms of present-day Ontario and Quebec (which encompassed the coast of the Great Lakes, the Saint Lawrence River valley and. "2011 Community Profiles Hay River". 52 53 There has been racial tension based on a history of violent conflict between the Dene and the Inuit, 54 who have now taken recent steps towards reconciliation. Ice roads and winter roads are also prominent and provide road access in winter to towns and mines which would otherwise be fly-in locations. Government of the Northwest Territories: Industry, Tourism and Investment. This article was proudly sponsored. In the 19th century, gold prospectors passed it over as too remote; modern Canadians, if they head north at all, prefer to romanticize about iconic Nunavut or the grandiose Yukon. Day 2: Aurora Hunting Day time to explore Yellowknife at your own leisure or you have the option to try one of the seasonal tours.(i) Summer Tours: Fishing tours, Wildlife Buffalo Tours or Glass-Works Workshop. The Yukon was made a separate territory that year, due to the Klondike Gold Rush, to free the North-west Territories government in Regina from the burden of addressing the problems caused by the sudden boom of population and economic activity, and the influx of non-Canadians. Great Grayling, patrolling the clean, cold rivers of the mainland Northwest Territories, Arctic Grayling are a sight to behold, boasting shimmering, iridescent scales and a sail-like dorsal fin. Char off the Charts, brilliant-red Arctic Char churn the waterways that pour into the Northwest Passage, home to some of the biggest Char on Earth.

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Climate edit See also: Climate change in the Arctic Köppen climate types in the Northwest Territories The Northwest Territories extends for more than 1,300,000 km2 (500,000 sq mi) and has a large climate variant from south to north. Construction phase of the Snow Castle starts in January. 17 Average daily maximum and minimum temperatures for selected cities in Northwest Territories 18 City July (C) July (F) January (C) January (F) Fort Simpson 24/11 75/52 20/29 4/-19 Yellowknife 21/13 70/55 22/30 7/21 Inuvik 20/9 67/48 23/31 9/24 Sachs Harbour 10/3 50/38 24/32 12/25. Nunavut Act and the. "BHP Billiton 2010 Annual Report page 124 " (PDF). It is hub of multiple regional airlines. Retrieved April 10, 2010. Economy edit Diavik Diamond Mine in the North Slave Region Cantung Mine The NWT's geological resources include gold, diamonds, natural gas and petroleum. For similar names, see, northwest (disambiguation). See also edit References edit "What is the official motto of the Northwest Territories?".

Northwest Territories travel, lonely Planet Biber ( ) surgeon, general Big Fish Make Better Fish Stories - Experiential Travel Guides Northwest Territories has eight numbered highways. The longest is the Mackenzie Highway which stretches from the Alberta Highway 35 s northern terminus in the south at the Alberta Northwest Territories border at the 60th parallel to Wrigley, Northwest Territories in the north. Northwest Territories holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Northwest, territories, territoires DU nord-ouest Northwest Territories Tourism - Home Facebook Burlesque Sketches of English Stage Travestie Where to Buy Outdoor Cap Promotional Products Stockings Pantyhose, hudson s Bay Plan cul, hommes, bourges (18000) - Gare aux coquines On a planet containing seven billion people, it s difficult to imagine that there are still places as empty as the. Biber ( ) surgeon, general practitioner, rancher, weight-lifter. During World War II he was a civilian employee of the Office of Stategic Services and stationed in Alaska and the. He graduated from the University of Iowa Medical School in 1948. Up in Canadas Northwest Territories, youll catch big fish and more of them.

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  • In 1995, a fisherman on Great Bear Lake reeled in a Lake Trout five feet long and a whopping 72 pounds, the world record.
  • Franco-Ténois, originating from the acronym TNO of the French term for the Northwest Territories of Canada (les Territoires du Nord-Ouest) refers to the widespread community of francophones that reside in the Northwest Territories.
  • Northwest territories, territoires DU nord-ouest 1 : scale in kilometers / échelle en kilomètres 300 (1,1) -1- dd 9:11.
  • Jones Sou nd Bay Norwegian M a c l e a n S t r a i t P e n n y t P S t r a i t B a l l a n t y n e S t.

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This became a problem during spring and fall time when the ice was not thick enough to handle vehicle load but the ferry could not pass through the ice, which would require all goods from fuel to groceries to be airlifted during the transition period. It is shortened from North-Western Territory ( see History). 48 Devolution of powers to the territory was an issue in the 20th general election in 2003, and has been ever since the territory began electing members in 1881. At the fish market you will have opportunity to shop fresh fish and smoked fish from Great Slave Lake. Of the Northwest Territories, 2007. Whitefish, the Right Fish. Unlike Lieutenant Governors, the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories is not a formal representative of the Queen of Canada. The southern part of the territory (most of the mainland portion) has a subarctic climate, while the islands and northern coast have a polar climate.