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Alberni-Clay"Regional District Trip Planner - Inspirock Maps, alberni, clay" regional District Plan cul soir alberni clay"/ Queducul meaux Alberni, clay" apartment Buildings for Sale - 1 Multi The, alberni, clay" regional District of British Columbia is located on west central Vancouver Island. Adjacent regional districts it shares borders with are the Strathcona and Comox Valley Regional Districts to the north, and the Nanaimo and Cowichan Valley Regional Districts to the east. The, alberni-Clay" regional District (2006 population 30,664) of British Columbia is located on west central Vancouver Island. AV Street Cross Reference List. Click here for a street map showing the acrd office location. Grant In Aid Policy, alberni, clay" regional District Rencontre Femmes - wnload Alberni, clay" continuing Care Society Port, alberni Click here for a street map of the. Alberni, valley Rural Areas. Plan cul soir alberni clay"Larocque Edmond, alberni -Clay Regional District Trip Planner - Inspirock.

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Skookum1 ( talk ) 21:14, (UTC) The above discussion is preserved as an archive of a requested move. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk page. If you're so hot on sources, why do you discount the bcgnis, cgndb, StatsCan and other official sources as having lazy typographers? Tony (talk) 11:26, 3 February 2011 (UTC) I don't think I've ever heard anything as stupid and arrogant as you people who are insisting that MOS is a rule when it says straight-out in it that official sources are to be followed and that MOS. In wikipedia we decide names depending on how sources spell them, not on how editors think that they should be spelled. Another editor noted that it was unlikely that the copyright holders of "The Beatles" would object to the use of "the Beatles which is used quite a bit, probably more often mid-sentence. Likewise, there is almost no difference between an endash used in this way to a hyphen. I see no reason at all why distant Wikipedians should decide that the BC Government Hansard, bcgnis, cgndb, the RDs themselves, etc are in error or are "lazy" for using hyphens in ALL their publications. Other facts that you may find interesting and useful are.C. To refine, we would look only at the highest quality sources (but I don't have time now). Kwami ( talk ) 23:28, 4 February 2011 (UTC) Re: Park Names All caps were a cut/paste from the loose-leaf. Black Falcon ( talk ) 20:23, (UTC) The hyphenated form is dominant in external sources (official government websites, as well as news articles and books and a minority of sources prefer a spaced name (e.g. We've had one oppose vote with the rationalization "We don't do legal names or even official names.

plan cul roubaix alberni clayoquot

Étudiante coquine de, rennes pour une rencontre - Plan sexe Alberni -Clay regional District trip planner lets you see the best. Alberni, clay" Vancouver Island, BC Multi-Family Homes for Sale? Find a wide variety of multi-family homes, multi-housing properties and apartment buildings for sale. Alberni, clay" Vancouver Island, BC on Point2 Homes. AlberniClay" regional District, alberni-Clay" regional District This requested move is a follow-up to the discussion above, which was closed on 22 January with an outcome of no consensus. Rencontre les célibataires en ligne - Site de rencontre Site de rencontre gratuit, rencontre amoureuse et s rieuse Rencontre sexe sans inscription gratuit schaerbeek Rencontres - m le site, n1 des petites Femme chinoise: les 5 erreurs à ne pas commettre Grant in Aid Advertisement 2017 Grant-in-Aid Policy. The Regional District Board of Directors adopted a new Grant-in. Aid Policy December 7, 2012. Le plaisir par tous les trimbaler plus facile dassurer la programmation 2016/2017 dans le fascicule.

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AlberniClay"Regional District, alberni-Clay"Regional District, aLL official sources, including the regional districts themselves, their enabling legislation, bcgnis, cgndb, StatsCan (where RD names are used as those of Census Areas - though without the "Regional District" name appended) as well as most common usage use a hyphen. You want a source to disprove your artificial and unfounded thesis? But it's the Office of Legislative Counsel that is the horse's mouth, and I am awaiting an email summarizing what we discussed and with specific relation to certain items I asked her to look up; she explained that they use "QP Legalese" as their standard. Skookum1 ( talk ) 01:33, 30 December 2010 (UTC) As I said previously, AlberniClay"is not a surname, it is a combination of two surnames created for the place. The, alberni-Clay"Regional District ( 2006 population 30,664) of, british Columbia is located on west central, vancouver Island.

plan cul roubaix alberni clayoquot

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A mis-spelled/mis-punctuated name could void, for example, a piece of legislation or a lawsuit. I object to this peremptory interference in what was a multi-page discussion, where the results of other RMs will affect this one, and this was the one that launched the other debate. Skookum1 ( talk ) 02:06, 4 February 2011 (UTC). This is what these RD's are called, pure and simple. In response to all this about "legal use" of hyphens, I'll compare it to a similar discussion involving The Beatles. Deacon of Pndapetzim talk ) 10:52, (UTC). Endash was clear about this even before it was amended to specify geographic names, and this is a geographic name, and a proper name, and not subject to tweaking by Wikipedia's so-called "rules". Other unique combinations also found in BC are also hyphenated in all sources, as alluded to above (e.g. McLerristarr Mclay1 01:20, 30 December 2010 (UTC) See David Levy's post above about how dashes are not used in a hyphenated proper name, be it Featherstone-Haugh or Alberni-Clay"Regional District. Or was it a CfD? Vs official sources and regular, normal usages. We don't do things just because others. Add on to that "utility/ease of use" and the rationale for emdashes or endashes, arrived at by editors wanting to impose standards not aware of what they are affecting (legal names) is, well, poppycock.

plan cul roubaix alberni clayoquot

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