Open Call submission and selection process

FI-ADOPT will organise three open calls and financially support European SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs with 4,24M EUROs. The budget allocation and target closing date of each call are shown in Table 1 as a percentage of the total budget that will be distributed to the entrepreneurs. Depending on the numbers of received proposals and their quality, the percentage of the budget, per call, can vary.

Table 1: Budget allocation to each call

Call ID Target Closing Date Percentage of the Budget to be distributed
Call 1 30 October 2014 Approx. 40%
Call 2 30 January 2015 Approx. 40%
Last minute call 30 April 2015 20% (plus any leftover from previous calls)


The main submission and selection process is (submission will start on 15 September 2014):

  1. Registration of the participants in the FI-ADOPT platform portal, which will process the applications and be the central interface for managing the SME projects for the remainder of the open calls;
  2. Submission of the proposal before the closing deadline. Example proposal templates for SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs are available below, where the participant should detail and justify:
    • Technical Excellence
    • FIWARE Adoption Acceleration
    • Market Readiness
  3. Evaluation of the proposals by independent expert evaluators (including experts from technological and financial sector);
  4. Notification to the successful applicants, financial and legal validation of the proposers and signing a binding agreement for the realisation of the application/related technology.

Target topics

FI-ADOPT will target highly innovative, yet realistic and fast to market FI-enabled applications in the following areas:

  • Learning and training: FI-ADOPT will take advantage of the FI-PPP results to reduce the learning/training cost and enhance the learning experience to deeply penetrate in the society. Indicative subareas will include: Staff training, Training on efficient decision making including (but not limited) to crisis management, E-learning activities.
  • Healthy behaviour shaping: FI-ADOPT will tackle the major societal and economic need for better health and reduced healthcare costs by delivering novel applications that promote healthy behaviour. Indicative sub-areas will include: Physical activity support, healthy diet enforcement, increase awareness on health-related issues and first aid.
  • Social integration: A significant societal problem faced by modern societies (primarily European) is that they include large numbers of citizens and immigrants from different countries bringing different cultures and traditions and with different educational levels. Indicative subareas will include: Language learning, Cultural integration, Social integration of professionals.

The breakdown of the budget to the different application domains is shown in Table 2. As it is shown a minimum of 25% will be allocated to each of the three application domains and the rest will be flexibly redistributed depending on the interest, the innovation and the technological excellence of the proposals. Depending on the numbers of received proposals and their quality the percentage per application domain can vary.

Table 2: Percentage of budget to be distribution per application domain

Application domain Call 1 Call 2 Last Minute Call
Learning training 30% 25% 20%
Healthy behaviour shaping 30% 25% 20%
Social integration 20% 40% 20%
Flexible allocation to the above or cross thematic areas based on innovation & technological criteria 20% 10% 40%

Financial Planning

In order to avoid liability problems, there will be no advanced payment to the selected projects. Yet, in order to support the project execution, there will be 10% of the grant associated with a deliverable entitled “Draft Sustainability Plan (DSP)”. This deliverable will be due in month 1 (M1) of the project and include a market study, competition analysis and draft justification of the potential competitive advantages of the proposed work. Based on the DSP deliverable funding will be initiated. After that, the funding distribution according to the project duration will be as follows:

Table 3: Funding ceiling versus project duration

Project Duration (In Months)   DSP Deliverable  1st review   2nd review 
1 – 6 Up to 10%  Up to 100%
7 – 12 Up to 10% Up to 50% Up to 100%
13 – 15 Up to 10% Up to 35%


The above payments will be associated with FI-ADOPT funding. Especially the last payment will be made after EC has made the final FI-ADOPT payment.

Open Call Material

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