It was in the same hospital and he had said, 'I always knew, darling. One such case was Sir Francis Rose, Lord Berners's friend. I flew to Nice Airport. It helps maintain my orientation. He was found dead in his bed. My name's Tim.' He wished first to change, so we went to his house in Wilton Row, off Belgrave Square. He had forgotten about dinner, thank goodness. At one in the morning we climbed into Michelangelo's Piazza del Campidoglio. Father was a cook in the Royal Navy and not often home. Rats, mice, the plumbing?

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Beaton was giving a party at his home in Pelham Crescent. Three young mariners were hooting round the cabin. Where?' 'At the Establishment.' 'Extraordinary, I don't remember being there at all, I mean, no, my name's Jane Spencer.' But it was no good. They swelled Viva's parties and lowered still further the average age there (as did girls like Arabella Churchill, June's daughter, or Katie Pakenham, killed tragically in a car crash). By then his entry in Who's Who read 'Politician, scientist, writer, inventor, painter and sculptor and listed among his inventions the Plugge Patent Auto Circuit. When we arrived the house was damp and surrounded by mud and the log fire wouldn't catch. We stayed many times at the Château Impney Hotel, a mass of turrets and finials near Kidderminster, with a beastly parrot in the hall and a Siamese cat which spat at you on the staircase. Normally a person has twenty-three pairs of chromosomes in his ordinary body cells. I shall get my pension at sixty.' (Although there was a case recently of a transsexual who applied for her pension at sixty and was told she'd have to wait.) 'What are you going to do now?' 'Carry. Lasquin about it, I haven't time for this, where's my taxi?' Audrey came over to Paris. You are wheeled into the chamber. Arthur had established a travel agency and an estate agency on the premises, and continued to supervise the English Subscription Library set up by Mark and Min for the English colony.

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I fled 235, span round town like a wheel without a pin, and then I fled London. We sat on the front bench with our solicitors and the.C.s one bench up behind. Les Lee had a lot of raucous comedy in him too, although his expression was often that disquieting mixture of toughness and melancholy which one saw often on the faces of the transvestites. One does wonder why the question of whether or not I was an intersex was not properly investigated. Big Gloria brought them along. The King's whole manner was timid and unsettled as if he had long experience of public assault and expected the fur to fly at any second. But if one is abroad, in comparatively unsophisticated parts, very often they don't realise. He also described his deviations, the male brothels, what happened there, his need to dress as a woman, which he did about four or five times a year. Dr Burou followed up dinner-therapy by suggesting that sunshine would be salubrious. Very tiny, very fat, very effeminate, James none the less had the knack of commanding people's respect. Flushed out of Besançon, Edward Madok turned up penniless at the door.

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