The news comes as Disney blockbuster Beauty and Beast is reported to have produced the studio's 'exclusively gay scene'. Elsa hiding her ice-powers can easily be interpreted as a metaphor for the closet and the Oscar-winning Let it Go sounds exactly like a coming-out anthem. That animated show started on the Disney Channel before moving to Disney. Gwyneth Paltrows Look-A-Like Daughter More In This Weeks Celebrity Twitpics Instagrams! The Forces of Evil did feature a same-sex kiss in an episode that aired on the Disney XD cable channel the pictured characters were not involved in that moment of animated affection. In a later scene two lesbians couples can also be seen kissing (bottom row, second from right and top right hand corner). Among the crowd two men can be seen sharing a smooch and later in the episode two further lesbian couples are also spotted kissing. Princes is an adaptation of the childrens book, The Princes and the Treasure, by Jeffrey A Miles. Those films were pretty well received. Feb 16, 2016 1:21pm PDT, share This, categories. Human sexuality is complementary (male/female) in nature and coitus is the primary function of the male/female genitalia. Disney have been applauded by viewers after the production company aired their first ever same-sex kiss this week. Pop Culture Halloween Costumes 2018!

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The 16, disney characters you had no idea were gay Gay couple s, disney -themed wedding is actual relationship 18 Favorite Disney Characters Reimagined Disney Airing First Same-Sex Kiss Openly Gay Character Gay porn star couple wed, 12 years after meeting on set This rugby jersey that stretches to reveal the rainbow flag is so cool. Gay dad freaks out when son gets a tattoo - but then he sees what. A gay couple has turned their wedding into a real-life. Disney, announces, Princes, First Film With Openly Disney, channel Introduced Its First, gay, male Gay couple reveals 60,000, disney, dOLL collection Daily Disney, cartoon Feature the Studio s First, gay Disney airs its first ever gay kissing scene Daily Mail Disney fairytale asking their guests to dress up as their favourite film characters. Garrett Smith and Jason Bitner, from Chicago, donned. Disney movies are not usually a place one thinks of when it comes to celebrating the gay community, but that didnt stop a bunch of artists from creating these wonderful pictures. Disney history was officially made when the companys titular channel finally just aired its first-ever same-sex kiss.

season 2 episode Just Friends. Vanessa Hudgens Throws Back To Gabriella In New Music Video! The kiss Loaiza depicted did not actually appear in any Disney television program or film. This comes the same week that the children's entertainment giant announced that there will be an "exclusively gay moment" featured in the new live action version of Beauty and the Beast. In the late 90s the company was among the first to extend healthcare benefits to partners of homosexual employees and Gay pride events have been hosted at Disney World since 1991. Some activists inferred that previous Disney characters were gay. Condon said this version of LeFou represents a watershed moment for Disney. Play With Perez Follow Perez. I wrote it to push the issue of equality a little and also, I admit, to troll some of the haters out there. Condon described for the British gay lifestyle publication. Daily Mail, but others tweeted praise for Disneys first-ever gay kissing scene in the childrens cartoon. Attitude Magazine how LeFou would shine a light on homosexuality. The Little Mermaid ( 1989 ) and Prince Phillip from, sleeping Beauty ( 1959 ) that was created by Mexican artist Rodolfo Loaiza for a series called Disenchanted Disney.

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In the film, starring Emma Watson, manservant LeFou will explore his sexuality after developing feelings for macho leading man Gaston. Tyra Banks Says Lindsay Lohan will Appear In 'Life-Size 2'! Frozen is the highest grossing animated film of all time. Gravity Falls joins, nickelodeon s, the Legend of Korra and, cartoon Network s, steven Universe, Clarence, and to a lesser extant. Gravity Falls made one of the cartoons shipped male couples canon! The hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend was trending last spring as part of an lgbt campaign pushing Disney to make Elsa a lesbian in the sequel planned for 2018. JWoww Her Ex Coparent After Breakup News In Cute Disney Pics, she Went To The Moon! Disney, channel just made another huge step forwards on Monday. Deborah Aker-Knapp, an outspoken member of Christians For Traditional Marriage, has said that the movie would be an affront to Christians everywhere and likened the release of the movie to one of the signs of the apocalypse. Lgbt representation in childrens media is currently at an all-time high, and the. Adventure Time as cartoons with out gay characters. But it is a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie.". "It's somebody who's just realizing that he has these feelings. Ron Clements said: 'It seems like the possibilities are pretty open at this point.'.

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'Mary Poppins Returns' Watch The New Trailer! All of the kids who have read the story dont find it unusual that the two characters who get married happen to be two men. Some viewers found the same-sex representations too subtle, according to the. In the new Beauty and the Beast film, manservant LeFou will explore his sexuality after developing feelings for macho leading man Gaston. The book has recently been released internationally after initially being available in the United States in February of 2014. And Josh makes something really subtle and delicious out. "And that's what has its payoff at the end, which I don't want to give away, he continued. Kids see that the story is about two people who fall in love and get married. Princes, will be released to theaters in the fall of 2015. Vote: Which Modern Family Character Is Going To Die? The fairytale story ends with the two princes getting married and living happily ever after. This is the first time that a gay couple have ever been seen kissing in a Disney production. Some viewers admitted that they were slightly disappointed by the very subtle representation of lgbt relationships. I made this post after reading an infuriating comment on an article about The Princes and the Treasure on the Christian Post. The entertainment giant has had a long history of supporting lgbt initiatives.