Startup Spotlight: TeachByApp

TeachByApp joined FI-ADOPT in answer in the 2nd call, with their interactive platform aimed at the education sector.

We caught up with Luca Viggiani, their Co-Founder and CTO, to get an insight into the project and its progress.

Describe your project in 100 words or less
TeachByApp is the ultimate platform designed for teachers. The app allows teachers to easily create highly-interactive and attractive multi-language lessons for children, especially foreign children, helping them keep-up with teaching plans and, at the same time, learn host country language. The successful integration of migrants into society is essential to maximizing the opportunities of legal migration and its positive contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of European society. Since integration starts at primary school, TeachByApp will be there to help.

What stage of development are you currently at?
Design phase is complete; development phase is at about 35%

What are your plans following FI-ADOPT?
Continue the development of TeachByApp by extending the user requirements based on the use cases and other schools experience. Derive from the core platform of TeachByApp a new and even more challenging project for the social rehabilitation of patients affected by cognitive diseases.

We wish Luca and the rest of the team good luck as they progress with development of the platform and look forward to catching up in the new year to get an update!