Startup Spotlight: ROGAMO

ROGAMO joined FI-ADOPT in answer to the 3rd call with their highly innovative software solution aimed at the healthcare sector, with a particular focus on the elderly.

Their Co-Founder and CEO, Søren Tranberg Hansen, spared some time to give us an insight into the project and its progress so far.

Describe your project in 100 words or less
ROGAMO (Robot Games for Mobility Training) developed by the company BrainBotics is a software solution for mobility- and rehabilitation training where exercise activities are incorporated into robot-based games. The target users are elderly citizens who attend mobility- or rehabilitation training, where our solution can make a difference for the citizen by being a fun, engaging and safe way to keep healthy and mobile. The concept of developing robot-based games for training purposes is new, and the project will lead to the world’s first commercial use of robot-based games to be used at both nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, and in private homes.

What stage of development are you currently at?
We have a working prototype, and are currently in the process of having the robot platform work together with the software platform that will allow us to create our games

What are your plans following FI-ADOPT?
To obtain additional funding that will allow BrainBotics to grow and the ROGAMO solution to become available to people around the globe

We wish Søren and the rest of the ROGAMO team good luck as they work on integrating the robot platform with the software platform, and look forward to catching up with them in the new year to hear more on their progress.