Startup Spotlight: HealthBail

HealthBail joined FI-ADOPT in answer to the 1st call with their platform aimed at disrupting traditional healthcare.

We caught up with George Bravos a Consultant for HealthBail, who was able to update us on the project’s progress.

Describe your project in 100 words or less
HealthBail platform acts as an online consultation tool for the general public, which aims to facilitate people for shaping a healthy behaviour in their everyday activities and increase the awareness to known symptoms and best practices to support treatment linked to health care issues of physical activities, etc. The platform enables professionals’ deliberation on appropriate early response to symptoms and guides the end users to develop a healthy awareness attitude for the sake of both their individual welfare and the social good. The HealthBail project goes beyond this competition by providing an area for structured dialogue among the adopters of healthy behaviour and the professionals in the health care and wellbeing domains. The platform is far from a social media channel or a simple forum. It is an online community for the engagement of the public to health care wellness. It enables both professionals and end users to participate in an open, live and democratic deliberation through structured dialogue.

What stage of development are you currently at?
About 60% overall. The interface for the doctors is almost ready, the interface for the end users is under development. The Complex Event Processing (CEP) Generic Enabler is already being exploited, in order to manage / handle multiple events that may take place within an existing topic. Other enables (e.g. Identity Management – KeyRock, Access Control – THA and others) are under development.

What are your plans following FI-ADOPT?
Currently the target Health 2.0 market provides basic solutions (and mainly social platforms) that support both health care professionals and patients, by offering a mixture of features. Through these products and services, analytics and data concerning conditions, treatments, drugs, physicians and more are available to the public, to health care professionals and other entities. Of the competition landscape existing out there, here we focus on the online communities that facilitate the Professional-to-Professional (P2P) and the Professional-to-Consumer (P2C) models. The HealthBail platform will integrate existing features already provided, but will go beyond them to incorporate state-of-the-art linguistic processing and semantic Web technologies. The platform will offer features that respect the fundamental human right to have adequate and cost efficient access to essential health care services, without violating the honour attributed to the professionals for delivering such services and eliminating their valuable role to serve the human needs and health status through physical contact.

We’re looking forward to catching up with George and the rest of the HealthBail team in the new year, to hear more on their progress.