Startup Spotlight: FI-Mirror

FI-Mirrorjoined FI-ADOPT with the 1st intake, in response to the call for highly innovative applications in the health and well-being space.

Veronika Gilanova Marketing Manager for FI-Mirror filled us in on the status of the project and their plans for the future.

Describe your project in 100 words or less
The FI-Mirror project develops a web-based system that will be used to visualize virtual modifications of users’ heads and faces in a real mirror usage scenario. By enabling users to see themselves in a realistic mirror with virtually applied desired facial alterations, FI-Mirror will help surgeons to easily communicate with their patients and allow them to understand the expectations from the facial surgery and avoid remorse. Furthermore, the system will help would-be patients get the approval of their family and friends whose views count as much as their own.

What stage of development are you currently at?
We are currently at the final stage of development of the service and we are testing some of the key features.

What are your plans following FI-ADOPT?
To kick-start an intensive marketing campaign and setting the customer service and support department.

We look forward to following Veronika, and the rest of the FI-Mirror team’s progress in the upcoming months.