Startup Spotlight: VREMO

VREMO joined FI-ADOPT in answer to the 1st call as a highly innovative application operating within the health sector.

We caught up with their CTO Óscar Hernández Santos to hear more on the project and its progress.

Describe the project in 100 words or less
VREMO is a 3D trainer addressed to diverse capacities; especially related to emotional training in its first release. The purpose of this project is achieving a segment of market that is not aided as it should be at society: teenagers and adults with needs in emotional training. This Serious Game is similar to a Quizz Game, integrating learning at the Game Logic. Specialists develop individual routes by activating different itineraries and adapting the training level, having a follow-up area to handle the user activity and competencies.
VREMO is played inside a restaurant scene, and the player has the challenge to improve his restaurant while he is training with the itineraries that are specified.

What stage of development are you currently at?
The Beta version of VREMO will be available to use in January 2016. Until this month, an alpha Demo may be seen at the project Website:

What are your plans following FI-ADOPT?
The tool will be available to the market in January 2016, with a demo version and an annual license required to be used and configured by experts (adapting the training system and performing the follow up of the users).
The VREMO team is currently generating collaborations to get the application integrated in other health platforms, such as

We wish Óscar and the rest of the VREMO team good luck as they work on getting the BETA version ready for the new year; and look forward to hearing more from them in the next coming months.