Startup Spotlight: HEART

HEART has been with FI-ADOPT since the 1st call, working wonderfully within the health space.

Evi Vasiliou, VP Sales for the project, caught us up on the project’s progress and future plans.

Describe your project in 100 words or less
Spark Works Heart is a typical example of how a medical researcher’s needs bridged to a bright engineer can lead to an extraordinary clinical diagnostic tool and product . Currently, more than 40% of PCI (Percutaneous coronary intervention) patients are readmitted within 1­6 months, while only 2% of these cases require a second surgery. These unnecessary readmissions increase the costs of the healthcare system. Sparks provides a wearable, miniaturized, high­ accuracy ECG device that notifies the doctor only in case of emergency. Our solution eliminates patient’s fear of death, reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and ambulance calls, and minimizes response time in cases of a critical event.

What stage of development are you currently at?
We currently have a prototype web application that covers the basic needs of healthcare personnel in terms of patient accounting and management, as well as communicates with the wearable ecg device we used in our initial design. We are looking into the possibility of extending our platform in order to incorporate different wearable medical devices and evaluate the feasibility of our defined use cases. We are also discussing possible extensions to our existing systems as personal training and athletics. In the field of healthcare services we plan to enter the market in 6 months with a first clinic installation.

What are your plans following FI­ADOPT?
By adopting a number of FIWARE technologies we achieved the development of our current system while enriching it with functionalities and improving its scalability. We are now able to cover the functionality needs of a whole hospital where the doctors and nursing faculty are able to monitor their patients wherever they are e.g. either in hospital or at their homes, having the benefit of real time recording and alerting functionalities. Our next plans are to perform a number of clinical tests to verify the operation of the system and possible problems. Spark Works also develops a IoT processing engine that is capable of handling and storing large volumes of medical, city or home data efficiently via simple Restful APIs. Our processing engine can easily be extended to handle any type of data a client may need and extract the metrics needed in real time with minimal cost. We also plan to release a public version of this engine in the next months.

We look forward to hearing more from Evi and the rest of the SPARK team on HEART’s progress in the next coming months/new year.