FI-ADOPT funded project – BRAIM – rolls out pilot across Andorra

One of FI-ADOPT’s funded projects – BRAIM by mydocumenta – has recently had real success in Andorra! In November, the Government of Andorra will roll out a pilot, across their schools, of a first version of the software developed through the course of the BRAIM project, utilising BRAIM’s soon-to-be launched e-portfolio module.

New technology has, and continues to have, a profound effect on education and e-learning. Constantly opening up new doors, and expanding horizons for learning, it can also mean that teachers, students and schools get left behind – lacking the technological expertise to match the technology. BRAIM is a pioneering solution, looking to bridge this existing gap through providing a comprehensive platform for development, evaluation and certification of digital and communication skills. In line with the European standards of quality, as defined in the European e-Competence Framework and the official curriculums of EU member countries, it will help students, teachers and schools overcome key barriers to become digital professionals; stimulating creativity and proactive learning attitudes of the students whilst training and educating teachers in digital practices.

And now with the launch of its pilot throughout schools in Andorra, the project looks set to make a real difference in the acquisition and evaluation of digital skills internationally, whilst establishing new standards at EU level.

We’re very excited for the entire BRAIM team, and look forward to hearing more on the results of the pilot come the new year.